2 Benefits To Using An Answering Service


If you own a service business, you may need to have a way for your customers to reach you after regular business hours. Your service may be one that is necessary, and if the customers can't get a hold of you as soon as possible, then it's going to be an even larger problem later. For example, if you are a plumber, an after-hours emergency may be that there is raw sewage flowing from a toilet, and if your customer can't get to you, they aren't going to be able to stop it.

19 May 2021

4 Ways 24-Hour Answering Services Benefit HVAC Repair Companies


As a heating and cooling professional, you probably have certain months of the year when your business is more hectic than others. As the colder months roll around, more clients are in need of heating repairs and as the warmer months ascend, they look for cooling system repairs. During these peak service periods, it is essential that your clients be able to reach you, whenever they need you. Learn how partnering with a 24-hour answering service can benefit your HVAC company.

18 May 2020

How To Handle Patient Calls That Come In After A Monster-Sized Natural Disaster


Natural disasters can bring out both the best and worst in people. When the disasters are of monster-sized proportions, you will find a lot of hurried and panicked calls for help. A lot of those calls come through on medical clinic lines, especially when emergency services and hospitals are full to capacity and people need help. If this were an actual situation where you live and work, could your clinic manage the volume of calls it would receive?

26 July 2019

Voip Considerations For A New Office System


The versatility and cost savings that come along with Voice-over-IP(Internet Protocol) systems make them terrific for office settings. You can start with one phone and add as many as your business needs to keep running; these systems make addition of new numbers and phone lines easy. However, when you begin adding multiple phone lines and users to your phone system, security will loom larger as an issue. How can you continue using the VoIP system without sacrificing security?

20 December 2018

3 Tips For Choosing The Right Phone System For Your Business


Although many people are dropping their traditional landline service in favor of mobile devices, the transition can be harder for businesses. Whether you are a small or large business, there are several phone solutions to meet your needs without being tethered to a landline. Keep It Simple The best way to keep your business phone solutions affordable and applicable to your type of business is to find the simplest solution. For example, if you are a small business or a self-employed individual who does not necessarily need a landline phone, try cloud-based or mobile options.

17 November 2017

Has Crime Gotten Bad In Your Area? 3 Ways To Add Security To Your Company


If the crime rate has gone up in your area, you need to increase your security so your business is not broken into or vandalized in some way. Fortunately, there are many things you can do, three of which are listed below. Install an IP Camera An IP (Internet protocol camera) is a type of digital video camera that you can use for surveillance. This type of security has the ability to send and receive images and other data through the Internet and computer network.

7 September 2017

Looking To Start A Business? Why You Should Become A Telecommunications Account Reseller


If you're looking to start a business there are a number of options available to you. Opening a restaurant or retail store are two alternatives, as is going a smaller route and selling homemade wares at a local flea market. However, there's one road you can take which might prove to be the most beneficial choice:  Becoming a telecommunications account reseller. A telecommunications account reseller is essentially a middle person between a cellular phone company and the customer.

2 August 2017